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FRSC Past Questions And Answers – PDF Download 2020

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Federal road safety corps FRSC which is a high paying government agency job aptitude test past question for 2020 and 2021 is out. Download the pdf for free online.

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11) Which word means- official paper; deed; certificate

  • A. act
  • B. action
  • C. document
  • D. patron
    Answer : OptionC

12) Which word means-shackle; hindrance

  • A. fetter
  • B. closure
  • C. knot
  • D. tie
    Answer: Option A

13) Which word means- nobility; fairness; generosity

  • A. abstinence
  • B. magnanimity
  • C. parody
  • D. affluence
    Answer: Option B

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49) Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune

  • A. moon
  • B.sun
  • C. planet
  • D. earth
    Answer:D – Explanations: These are all planets of the solar system.

50) magazine, armoury, barracks

  • A. garrison
  • B. military
  • C. arsenal
  • D.soldier
    Answer :C
    Explanation: These are all military buildings.

FRSC Recruitment Past Questions And Answers MATHEMATICS Excerpts

4) Anna bought $4,000 of company stock. She sold 75% of it when the value
doubled, and the remainder at four times the purchase price. What was her total

  • A.$4,000
  • B. $6,750
  • C. $6,000
  • D. $6,500
  • E. $5,000
  • Answer: C
    • Explanation: Anna sold 75% of her stock when it was worth $8000. So she took $6000 cash, leaving her with $2000 worth of stock, which she had purchased for $1000.When this stock increased in value to $4000 she sold it and added this to the first$6000giving her$10,000in cash. Subtracting the initial $4000 coat of the stock, Anna has made $6,000.

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